Thursday, April 14, 2011

Leave the Driving to Us

As usual at this time, we don't have complete lists of NEA delegates, so we're sending this message to local presidents and to last year's NEA delegates. Please pass along to those who may be interested.

NEA RA Bus: "Leave the Driving to Us"

Looking for an alternative way to get to Chicago for this year's RA? If so, you may want to consider riding with NEOEA.

NEOEA has arranged for a chartered bus to Chicago for the NEA Representative Assembly. The bus will travel to Chicago on Wednesday, June 29, and return on Wednesday, July 6. The central pickup point will be the NEOEA office in Garfield Heights; additional pickup points east and west will be assigned based on demand. The bus will drop us off in Chicago directly at the Ohio headquarters hotel. The fare is $140.

Projected departure from NEOEA is at 9:00 AM EDT; projected arrival time at our hotel in Chicago is 3:00 PM CDT. (Other departure times will be figured once we know the other pickup points.) For the return trip, the projected departure from the hotel is at 9:00 AM CDT with a projected arrival time at NEOEA of 5:00 PM EDT.

We announced this opportunity at the NEOEA RA at Westlake and distributed fliers there; additional versions are available online:

For more news about the northeastern Ohio delegation to the NEA Annual Meeting, follow the NEOEA blog online at



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