Monday, June 14, 2010

NEA Annual Meeting schedules

Even for experienced delegates, the NEA Annual Meeting schedule can be confusing. Following are some online planning resources that you may find useful for navigating the schedule of the Annual Meeting. We sometimes get careless about terminology: what's the difference between the Annual Meeting and the Representative Assembly?

  • The whole event that we're going to in New Orleans is called the "Annual Meeting." The Annual Meeting consists of the RA plus several other meetings scheduled in conjunction with it. There are too many to list here, but basically, they fall into several types:

    • deliberative assemblies, like the Board of Directors meeting, the NEA-R assembly, and the RA itself;
    • optional workshops and trainings for various constituencies (students, higher ed, women, men, minorities, etc.);
    • meetings and open hearings of various NEA committees; and
    • special-interest meetings (caucuses, religious services, etc.)

  • The term "Representative Assembly" ("RA") refers to the main event, which occurs on the final four days of the Annual Meeting: July 3-6 this year. Those are the dates you'll see in the schedule of future RAs mentioned above.

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